Camp Ravenwood Kennels

Company Profile

    Camp Ravenwood Kennels has been serving Kalamazoo and the Southwest Michigan area since 1952. The current owner Jeff Vander Meer has been running Ravenwood kennels since 1989..

  Recommended by area Veterinarians. 

    Our kennel building has central air and forced air heat with an air exchange unit to bring in fresh out side air. We also have a boiler system for radiant heat in the kennel floor to help keep your Dog warm in the winter. The radiant heat is a very big help for dogs with arthritis, hip dysphasia and geriatric dogs. Our run area is enclosed and kept above freezing during the winter months and open in the summer time.

    The whole facility has a backup generator that automatically comes on if there is a power outage. The generator is run by natural gas but can be switched to propane with in minutes if needed. We also have three water wells for backup.    

Our Mission

To keep your pets happy, clean and comfortable while you are away from home.