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Camp Ravenwood's Cattery

NO Dogs Allowed

Cats are boarded in a separate building from the dogs. $20 per day. If you have more than one cat and would like them boarded together in one of our suites, it is $20 per day for the first cat and $15 per day for each additional cat staying in the same suite.

All cats are required to have Rabies & the Booster (FVRC-P) vaccines up to date. You may have your veterinarian fax us a copy of the latest shot records to (269)375-2851 or you may Email to [email protected]

This mail or Fax is not available for response by employees. And is to be used for vaccination proof only

or you may bring in a copy.  We do not except the check off style booklets as proof of vaccines. 

Please do not use this type of communication to make or change Reservations instead Call or office by calling 269-375-9606 Thank You!

                 All Vaccinations must be given by a LIcensed Vet. Self given vaccinations are not accepted