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Camp Ravenwood's Cattery

NO Dogs Allowed

Cats are boarded in a separate building from the dogs. $15 per day. If you have more than one cat and would like them boarded together in one of our suites, it is $15 per day for the first cat and $10 per day for each additional cat staying in the same suite.

All cats are required to have Rabies & the Booster (FVRC-P) vaccines up to date. You may have your veterinarian fax us a copy of the latest shot records to (269)375-2851 or you may text or Email to [email protected]  or you may bring in a copy.  We do not except the check off style booklets as proof of vaccines.

                 All Vaccinations must be given by a LIcensed Vet. Self given vaccinations are not accepted