Camp Ravenwood Kennels

  • Extra Services we also provide  

    Day Care            $9.00

    Nail Trims         $10.00

    Ear Cleaning      $8.00

    Pads Shaved    $10.00

    Dog Bathing ask for price when checking in.

    Play Times for Dogs $4.00 each. also available with Day Care pets. 

    We now offer swimming for dogs. Swimming sections are with one of our staff and your dog or dogs.

     It is a 15 minute section for $6 and like the playtimes you may have upto 3 perday with the exception of Sundays

    Click to view our new pool 


    We also board most other small animals such as Guinea pigs, Hamsters, Rabbits, Gerbils, Prairie dogs and similar pets. 


    looking to adopt a pet.