Camp Ravenwood Kennels

Our facility offers individual or family sized kennels for more than one dog. We offer heated floors in the winter and air conditioning in the summertime. Each dog has it's own individual run area. The runs are open in the summer and enclosed during the winter months.

All Dogs must be up to date on there DHPP-Rabies-Bordetella

 We do not except the check off style booklets as proof of vaccines. All Vaccinations must be given by a LIcenced Vet.

Self given vaccination are not accepted

You may have your Vet fax your pets shot records to (269)375-2851 or you may text or Email to

      PlayTime   I wish I had Play Times

Play Time is when one of our staff will spend extra time one on one with your dog, if you have more than one dog we will play with all of them at the same time for the cost of one Play Time.

They will play fetch, run, walk or just give some good old TLC to your pet-it's up to you.

Play Time is available up to 3 times per day with the exception of Sundays & some Holidays.

Play Times are $5.00 per 10 min session.

Play Times Key Benefits

Gives your dog extra personal attention.
Helps dogs that do not like to go potty in the run.
Helps to socialize puppies and adult dogs.
Overweight dogs can get some extra exercise.
It's just plain fun for your dog.

We now offer Pool Time for dogs. Pool Time is with one of our staff and your dog or dogs.     Durring Playtime upon request




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   Boarding Prices Perday

UP to 20lbs $18.00
21lbs-40lbs $19.00
41lbs-90lbs $20.00
91lbs & UP $21.00
Doggie Day Care $12.00
Prices subject to change with out notice